Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a formal introduction to the Mod/Admin team. My name is Philip and I work for Verticalscope.com. We just recently acquired cbr250.com so I will be the one working behind the curtains here to keep the lights on. Continuity is important to us so I am certainly not going to be making any major changes to how you like to run things. We are mostly interested in working to support you all as well as make your day to day on the site easier.

Over the next few days you will notice myself Helena and Kyle around the site and as well as members of our support team, while we get to know the landscape of the forum and how things work. I will be working closely with you all on ways we can help improve the order of things here so you can spend less time feeling like you are working on the site and more time engaging the membership.

If you have questions please let me know, I will do my best to answer you all as quickly and thoroughly as I can.