Engine Mounting Bolt missing MC19
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Thread: Engine Mounting Bolt missing MC19

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    Question Engine Mounting Bolt missing MC19


    I recently bought a MC19 and it took me two weeks to notice that what looks like an engine mounting bolt on the left hand side is missing,
    Engine Mounting Bolt missing MC19-left-side-bolt.jpg
    Finding a bolt should be easy enough but that space between the frame and starter motor is quite large, does anyone know if there is any spacer or rubber grommit that should be in there? Also the bolt size would be helpful as it would save me pulling the other side apart.
    Engine Mounting Bolt missing MC19-right-side-bolt.jpg
    Right side for reference, there is no spacer but that may have been removed in the past.


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    There's a spacer that goes in the gap.
    I might have a spare bolt and spacer. Just check, I think one side might thread into the engine and the other needs a nut.
    MC19 parts for sale PM me if you need something and I'll see if I have it

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