Honda CBR250RR MC22 Stalling Issue
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Thread: Honda CBR250RR MC22 Stalling Issue

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    Honda CBR250RR MC22 Stalling Issue

    Hey everyone.

    This is the first forum I have ever joined as well as the first thread I have posted.

    As you can see from the name of the thread I am currently experiencing the titled issue. The easiest and quickest way to describe this issue would be exactly what Rav described in the thread they created titled "CBR250RR Stalling Issue".

    Here is the link - CBR250RR Stalling Issue

    I have created this thread because I need help diagnosing and fixing the issue.

    If any Honda CBR250RR MC22 experts can help me, that would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to repay the person that is able to address the issue.


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    hate to sound like a forum lurker, but you need to search, read, repeat. similar issues have been discussed at length as per your attached post. it is also clear from that post that there are many other fixes and that is the problem with cross internet diagnosis. the more you read however, the more you become familiar how there are many causes and effects. I have no doubt it is not one thing that is causing it, but a combination of many, which albeit one may be the predominant problem, but unless you turn your mind to the way things work as a whole, it will never be right. still 99% of all running issues can be fixed with a good solid carb clean and reset. and no not the spray of carb cleaner down the throats. complete disassembly and service of worn parts and return to stock settings and setup. there are many posts on here on how to do just that (so again read), and check for vac leaks by cracked boots of the vac tune nipples (lol nipples) in the inlets letting in air. there are a few vids on youtube about barb cleaning for quad kehin cv carbs that will help you.
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