MC22 Tire wear
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Thread: MC22 Tire wear

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    MC22 Tire wear

    Hi all,

    I have used the Pirelli Diablo Rossi II tires for my cbr250rr as i have heard that they are both great for corners and for general kilometers. Mine are fantastic for grip for future reference. My problem is a few months ago (maybe 6-8months ago) I purchased a rear tire, however, I have worked out (as i am due for another already) that i only would have gotten 6000-7000 kilometers out of my rear. Is this what you guys get?

    I feel like this isn't very many kilometers. Also, I do have to ride a dirt road (3km) for a couple of times a week, i also keep my tires at the right pressure aswell. Do you think this is a confounding factor?
    Let me know what tires you guys prefer (are there any dual compounds out there?).


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    I believe the Dunlop alpha 13's are dual compound - I had the earlier alpha 12's which were single compound and squared the tyre off pretty quick due to commuting but got about 10,000kms and 2 track days out of them, but also rode them past the wear bars - dirt road for 3kms could be taking chunks out, but not enough imho to be noticeable. I rode about 44 kms a day in traffic for about 2 years. as stupid as it sounded I used to ride one cheek of the bike to try and round off the square. probably didn't do anything noticeable but I was wiling to try lol.
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    Yup Alpha 13's are indeed dual compound, I've had mine on track and they are VERY good. Couldn't tell you how they are for longevity though, my bike hasn't been on the street for years. Will do soon though! :-)
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