Hello guys, nice to meet you.
I recently bought a Honda Hornet 250, which one of the previous owners had swapped the engine when he bought it on 2011.
I found this information on a forum which he is inactive since 2012...

My registration got the first engine on it. MC14E-150 and Chassis MC31-100 (My hornet is CB250FT which all those stand correct!).
(Took that info from a forum also)
Year -- Code ------ Chassis No --------------------------- Engine No

1996 - CB250FT - MC31 100 or MC31-105 ----- MC14E - 150
1997 - CB250FV - MC31 110------------------------MC14E-155
1998 - CB250FX - MC31 115------------------------MC14E - 160
1999 - CB250FY - BA MC31 120--------------------MC14E - 170
2000 - CB250F1 - BA MC31 125--------------------MC14E - 175
2003 - CB250F3 - BA MC31 130--------------------MC14E - 180
2005 - CB250F6 - BA MC31 140--------------------MC14E - 190
2006 - CB250F7 - BA MC31 150 --------------------MC14E - 200
But as he bought the new engine from a Honda Dealer in Greece, the Engine number is now MC14E-125 !!
But I can't find any information about MC14E-125 batch and which CBR250 was using it.
(On the forum I found the info he swapped the engines he told that this engine was from CBR250RR or something).

Can anyone help me out? I am trying to check my valve clearances and been stuck a bit.
On the CBR250RR Service manual there is different info on different engines, one of those says to get the timing mark and check No 1 cylinder, then No2,3 & 4. (Pages 56-58 of PDF)
And the other info says To check No 1 inlet + No 3 inlet, then Exhaust of #2 and #4... (Pages 463-465)

I don't know which one to follow to check my clearances guys, I would need some help please .

Btw I tried page 56-58 before I notice that there is also another valve clearance section on the pdf, and what I found out was that where it says to bring IN upwards and EX downwards to measure #2, my #2 valves were open by the camshaft, and #3 was free. and the opposite on #3 section.
The engine was opened before as I saw some marks on the cam gears, and I thought that maybe someone assembled the camshafts the wrong way?