Hey guys,

One of the connector things that connects the dashboard to the headlight cluster thing has snapped. I think when I bought the bike, the previous owner put silicone or some clear substance to keep it together, however the dash would still be unstable and wiggle around whilst riding and going over speed humps. So, I took it apart, and bought some Loctite to stick it back together. On the packet, the Loctite said it would stick pretty much anything together in 5 minutes. The material of the connectors is like a rubber grommet or housing kind of thing, and inside theres metal. Anyway, I squeezed some Loctite onto the surface, and clamped it together for 24 hours. Upon riding for the first 5 minutes, it's come undone again. The Loctite glue said it could withhold 140kg/cm3 so I'm guessing the constant vibrations of the bike must have loosened the glues hold.

I've attached pictures below of what I'm talking about since I probably didnt make any sense in describing it above.

Dashboard Connector Snapped-18836485_10156361283970200_1626955515_o.jpgDashboard Connector Snapped-18838344_10156361284050200_1576697901_o.jpgDashboard Connector Snapped-18901058_10156361284040200_731863157_o.jpgDashboard Connector Snapped-18901584_10156361284110200_1888525912_o.jpg

I pretty much have no idea now on how to connect those two together. I thought Loctite would be the ultimate glue to use, and now that even Loctite isn't working, im wondering if you guys have any recommendations. There's not really much place to drill or zip-tie.

Thanks for you time!