Ignition wiring help
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Thread: Ignition wiring help

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    Question Ignition wiring help

    hi. i've got a question. let's say before changing anything wire "set 1" connects to the primary winding of the #1 ignition coil. the wire "set 2" connects to the primary winding of the #2 ignition coil. coil 1 fires #2 and #3 cylinders. coil 2 fires #1 and #4 cylinders. let's assume that in this order the bike runs very well without any issue in ignition side.
    so what if i put the wire "set 1" to the #2 coil and wire "set 2" to the number #1 coil. will they still fire at the correct time or will it be a problem? will the TCI recognize the crank position and still give the correct command to generate the spark at correct time ? or if i change it do i need to change the HT leads as well according to it ? please give a brief explanation. thank you.

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