bike jumping into n
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Thread: bike jumping into n

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    bike jumping into n

    Hey guys , took my cbr250rr out for a spin tonight and on 2 occasions, when giving it a bit if throttle it jumped into neautral just before i was ready to shift up to the next gear. this hasnt happend before and i dont wish it to happen again as its emabarrasing. does anyone know what would could be causing this ? chears

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    RE: bike jumping into n

    mine does this all the time, between 1 and 2.

    i was told "its a 20 year old bike, get over it"

    one of my dads old bikes had neutral between almost every gear lol

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    RE: bike jumping into n

    worn out selector fork/dogs so it jumps out of engagement.

    the gearbox needs a reco.

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    RE: bike jumping into n

    dont forget th obvious
    put it into gear properly not with the fairy foot and change the oil, gearbox will feel diffrent

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    RE: bike jumping into n

    Yep, basics first.

    Were you wearing a different pair of shoes or boots?

    Is your gear lever set up in your ideal position?

    Are you sure your foot didn't have slight pressure on the lever?

    When was your last oil change?

    If the bike has done heaps of km's or has had a hard life, no doubt this can happen, however 90% of the time it's minor issues such as those stated above.

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    RE: bike jumping into n

    jumping to neutral's not so harmful, because there is a place there, it still wears a bit off the dogs, but doesn't bend shift forks,
    check the cutout on the gear lever isn't hitting the peg bracket and preventing it from going fully into gear,
    1st to 2nd is a longer jump than other gears, allow more time for the gear to go in before reapplying power

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