Hello, I'm new to CBR250.com and here's how I found this place. So... after 20 years of not riding I decided it's time for a new bike! I've always wanted a CBR250rr or Aprillia 250 but living in California... 2 Strokes are really, really frowned upon. I know people do get them registered for the road though.. how? Not sure, but all the best to them that do!

Anyhow, I came across a CR63 replica. I could build up a nice one from a 65'sh CB160 and a CL175 sloper engine. I did the whole Cafe bike thing 25 years ago with Nortons and Triumphs (almost got a Honda GB500 back when they were new... fantastic bike to ride around town - still kicking myself for not getting it). I'm over Cafe's... but a Honda GP racer replica? Oh hell Yeah! So, I was getting already to start putting a CR93 together but I know I'm going to get bored really quick with the performance.
Then I saw some nutters had dropped a CBR250RR engine into a frame and made an RC162. What???. I get the best of both worlds? 2 stroke performance and GP vintage racer?

Ok, I know, I can get a custom frame and all but I see that people have also modified the frames of CB350's or CB400's and hooked up the 250rr powerplant. That got me thinking... I can register a CB400 in California... it's not my fault if after I do so the frame breaks and to fix it I have to put a new motor in it

I've heard that someone named Clive Cooper has a build log or an article regarding the modifications to the CB350/400 frame. I've googled and searched elsewhere but I can't find any reference to the info. Anyone point me in the right direction? Also, anyone with RC162 or 163 replicas give me any advice or tips?
I'm looking for a 1990-91 MC22 motor for the replica. I've also went through the thread on here:
Seeking Info on Building RC163 Replica
Great read and finished too soon.

Thanks, Jasper