NO LEVER AFTER Bleeding front brakes after rebuild
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Thread: NO LEVER AFTER Bleeding front brakes after rebuild

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    NO LEVER AFTER Bleeding front brakes after rebuild

    Well weather in the uk has been shit since december---rain rain rain ---high winds--cold temp 4c etc soooo--time for something i`ve been putting off since last year and its those front calipers sticking on after sitting for a week or so.
    No half measures this time:---
    Rebuilt the master cylinder with a complete kit after checking the bore had no scores or wear.
    Rebuilt the calipers with new seals after a thorough degrease and check once again that the bores were perfect and treated them to a set of stainless steel pistons and bleed nipples.(THANKS MR.CHAMBERS)
    All the seals were assembled with castrol red grease which makes assembly far easier than using brake fluid.
    Bike already had stainless dual hoses fitted so five new copper banjo washers and new dot 5.1 fluid and we were ready io bleed the system.
    Long story short--an hour and a half and 500ml of fluid later still no firm lever(it comes back to the bar) if i pump the lever 2/3 times the bike has a firm lever ---leave it for 5 minutes and its back to the bar!!!!!--Two more pumps and a firm lever again.
    All joints are tight with no weeps or leaks anywhere---i have bled the calipers the conventional way and also used my Mityvac vacuum on them and there are no more air bubbles in the bleed tube------ and all to no avail.

    Any ideas out there??---Never had this problem with brakes before--Am I missing something obvious ???

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    Bleed the master cylinder.

    You'll have to do it using the banjo bolt on the master, so have plenty of rags.

    Same principal as bleeding the calipers. Pull the lever a few times till there's pressure, then open the banjo enough so air/fluid comes out, tighten the banjo bolt then release the lever. Repeat until the lever is firm/no air comes out.
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    had same idea this afternoon---went to garage squeezed front lever and felt a slight pop on the lever and it went firm!!problem solved--thanks for the reply--have to remember to "bench bleed" the master after the next rebuild.
    appreciate the reply mate.

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    It pays to have the bars turned all the way to keep the reservoir the highest point in the system, also after almost having good pressure crack the line to the hoses and relieve air here and you'll have good pressure.

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    just to add, it takes a while for the air to go up through the paster cylinder - letting it rest lets this happen. I also found partially opening the lever, almost 'flicking it" pushed out the air giving a firmer feel. once the feeling starts to return, you can bleed the air out as per normal providing the reservoir does not run dry.
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