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Thread: Life at 20,000rpm. AU restore.

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    Nov 2016
    Today was rego day.
    As it hasn't been registered for many years, and wore no plates, it needed a Blue Slip.
    It sounds scary, but it's basically a pink slip, where they check all the numbers line up.

    So this was pretty painless, a quick check that all the lights work, the brakes work, no leaks, tyres are fine, and the paperwork, and I was on my way. At $38 it's cheaper than for a car too.

    Had to obviously get CTP (some weird quotes, ended up being a bit over $400 rather than $200 I first saw)
    And it was time to visit ServiceNSW.

    and we wait.

    and wait.

    and then we have plates!
    I had a check of the yellow and black vs white options, and white looked a lot better. Was only $20 or so more.

    Popped the plates on, and time to hit the road!

    First stop was the servo, and filled it up with some nice 98. Poured in about 7 litres, so would have had about 5 of 91. Hmm how full do I fill the tank? As it's on the stand until the left side nearly touches the lip?

    Riding was fine. I found a pretty good position where I was near the rear of the seat, and I could grip the ends of the tank cutouts with my knees, felt fine.
    I kinda get how important sound is to a Motor bike now, you really feel at one with the engine, you dont notice the tyres as much, but the engine spinning and noise right between your legs. It's cool. Well, at times pretty hot. There was a section with a bit of bumper to bumper traffic, and with the fan running I could feel the heat working it's way up.

    Everything else felt fine, front brakes work super, rear doesn't seem to do much, I guess that's the idea, they are both brand new pads (new discs up front too so needed a bit of bedding in)

    Tyres felt good. I didn't lean all that much, but what I did felt super effortless.

    I did notice one small issue, a bit of a knocking sound coming from the triple clamp on big bumps. I'm pretty sure it's not the shocks, it could be either the steering bearings, or the triple. I pulled in and tightened the top triple, which didn't help, or maybe a tiny bit. I need to see if I still have some coilover spanners around and tighten those two top bearing nuts. If that doesn't fix it I'll replace those bearings, and as the front end will be out, do the shocks too, which feel pretty good now.

    Also heading home, the right blinker started flashing fast, I know that means, a dead bulb. I check the bulb and it was ok. Ahh, must be something else, began playing with thee wiring, and popped a 10A fuse. Oh boy, fairings off again. Not a huge deal.

    When I drilled the new holes into the plastic boot tray, I brushed past the right indicator wiring. Just enough for it to short.
    Pulled the wire out, taped it up, carefully put the new plate screw back in, and we are in business. I didn't want to drill the plates, so a couple new plastic holes lined it up perfectly.

    went out again, more local laps, and ended up doing ~100kms.
    It's pretty docile and doesn't have a lot of torque, but rev it past 10,000rpm and it transforms, and actually picks up with a bit of urgency, did that a couple of times in 1st and 2nd and was well past 80kph. Hmm careful.

    Feels good man.
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    awesome update. thx for sharing

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    First commute to the office was fine. Lovely sunny morning, had to unzip the jacket a bit it was so warm.
    Safer than cycling in I reckon.
    Didn't filter much will be a lot quicker when I can legally do that.

    The run home was interesting, the last 5min I just got caught by the downpour,
    wasn't too bad, arm sleeves and outside of the legs copped it the worst, and above 60kph rain feels like hail, but apart from that all good. #nodrops

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