Life at 20,000rpm. AU restore.
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Thread: Life at 20,000rpm. AU restore.

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    Life at 20,000rpm. AU restore.

    Hey all

    I managed to score a 1991 CBR250RR. MC22-L.

    It's been there 7 years, and it hasn't moved in that time.

    It's a jap import Honda CBR250RR. 1991. MC22.

    I was gonna rent a ute, but realised an uncle in law has one that gets bugger all useage, so I asked and Sunday was fine to use it.

    Go to the office, parked the Ute on L1, where we have a loading dock.
    Now I didn't measure anything, nor did I have a long ramp to load it on. I thought, the loading dock has a pretty similar height to the ute, so why not roll it on.

    How wrong was I. The dock is way too high. The ute had about a 50cm drop to get to. I had one shortish ramp and nothing else. Gave it a go, and yeah, i dropped it. It got stuck after the front wheel, and was gonna end in tears. Pushed it up (harder than I thought) and pulled it back.
    Attempt 2. I found a long table top, that would make the approach angle doable. But it was sliding on the tray. Not gonna work.

    Using an old Gorilla loading trick, I used one of the level change ramps to back the ute onto, and the table top.
    An all mighty push (I couldn't get big speed as I didn't know if the table would hold the weight) and we were on.

    Phew. Big phew.
    I had a solid workout doing this.

    Had to get some new straps, 2 on the forks, one on the rear and she wasn't going anywhere.

    Getting it off at home wasn't too bad, I have a raised retaining wall edge thing that lined up very well with the side of the ute. Pushed it backwards, and then towards the garage.

    Had to give it a quick hose before anything else.

    ahhh that's better.

    Had to get an idea what we were working with.

    Pulled off the side fairings, pretty easy.

    hoses generally look ok.

    Found the dipstick, and man, crystal clean oil.
    I'll change it anyway (once I find some) but there was plenty there and it was cleeean.

    Wheels and brakes look ok.
    Time to see how much is left.

    Getting thin.
    Maybe borderline.

    Tyres look good as new. A bit firm but they are way to old to risk.

    Not having the original key meant I had to swap the ignition barrel and the tank lock. Ignition was pretty easy, 2 different sized hex screws, and an easy connector. The fuel cap, wow, nightmare. Doing research online the go was to call a locksmith or pick the lock. I have no lock picking tools, nor experience, so I drilled the fucker. Finally managed to get it off.

    Took the tank off, and drained the fuel and checked out the inside.

    Hmm pretty nasty, how clean should it be? I'm going to rotate a few litres of fuel through it.

    Took the seat off, and most of the forward fairings.

    Dem quads. Looks clean from here.

    Popped the new battery in. (silly terminals.)

    and we have power!

    all the lights work! bonus. i wasn't expecting every indicator and the headlights to power up fine, but they did just that.

    Hmm, the oil was clean. Everything else seems ok, we have fuel, (but it;s dirty), meh, let's see if she kicks over:

    No kick, but she turns. I'm happy with that at this point.
    I was expecting a lot worse.
    I've ordered a new petcock (valve under the tank) will clean it out, swap plugs and try again

    Swapped that bent bar end too.

    This is fun.
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    Here's how we stand now.

    Most of the major parts are all and ready for cleaning, repair, or replacement.

    The carbs concern me a little. I'm worried that Ill break them coming off.

    radiator fan is toast.
    Hard to find a new cheap one.

    Pillion pegs are pretty rusty, soaking in vinegar now.

    Enkei wheels

    Also worked out the tyres are 2008 and 2005. Way too old.
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    No carb day.
    I was in two minds about taking the carbs off.
    The bike really only has 25,000kms on it, and the oil looks spectacularly clear, but the fuel was mud.

    Taking a look into the throttles they were super clean, as were the intake ports when looking deep in.

    Still, while I have everything off, and waiting for parts to come from downtown Shenzhen, I thought let's give it ago.

    I was about to stab it with a screwdriver, but today, success. Lots of wiggling back and forth, and finally they popped off.

    So this is how they are inside.

    Do I need a full service kit? Or just seals?
    Will they need balancing after that?
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    More progress.

    I cleaned out the carbs good and proper, a couple of the main jets were pretty blocked.

    Who knew spring clamps like this:

    are near impossible to find.

    Moved onto what's next.
    The extractors have seen better days.

    A few dings, and rust city.
    So time to get out the wirewheel and get to work.

    An angle grinder is probably my favourite tool. Made mince meat of the rust.

    Got some hitemp paint (1000 degrees C+) Autobarn has it cheapest btw.

    and we are looking good.

    mounted them easily, polished up the stock muffler, and we are closer.

    also pulled out a couple of spark plugs.

    comparing them to a brand new one they look too good to throw.
    I think I'll leave them in, just incase I flood and foul them up getting it to start.

    still waiting for a petcock, those damn clamps, and the engine will be running soon enough.
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    Saturday play with the bike day.

    Got some $65 stands from ebay, they are made in Marrickville apparently, but didn't come with any instructions, so had to put them together from the photos on the line.

    Front one isn't all that useful, cus it's a fork one, but the way it's designed it doesn't easily allow the axel to come out
    I put a jack under the sump and got the wheel off.

    All this bike mechanic stuff so far is pretty easy.

    Unbolted the front discs, and they are ready for the bin.

    Bought some touch up paint for the fairings, and it's way off. Gonna send it back.

    Back wheel was just as easy, if not easier,

    the chain seems to move pretty well, a bit of surface rust I'll wire off,

    same with the rear cog, rear disc has a good .8mm left.

    Brakes will be rebuilt soon.

    Wheels are off ready for new rubber.
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    With the wheels off and pretty much as stripped as I expect them to be for a while, I gave them a good clean.
    These wheels have hollow back spokes, so a bit of a pain to clean.

    Still, they looked ok for now.

    Today was new tyre day, so I had to mount the new china spec brake discs which just arrived.
    I thought the wheel should be balanced with the discs on, just in case.

    Fitting the discs was easy. 6 bolts and done.

    BikeBuz have a deal going on some LAMS bike Michelins, and it's about the best deal I've seen right now.
    Went to Granville and they don't stock many Michelins, so they sent me up the road to the Paramatta branch.

    Dropped off my wheels, paid my hard earned, and waited they were done.

    This brand has all the new Yamaha bikes, (Kawasaki and BMW are in the other one) and yeah, some nice ones.

    New MT10 looks like a decepticon. I was seriously waiting for this guy to start talking.

    Only just spotted this one, haven't heard anything about them yet, it's an XSR700. (LAMS approved) not cheap, but pretty cool.

    a few moments later the rubber was good to go.

    yup, fresh, made mid 2016 and felt sticky to the touch.

    Well, anything would be compared to the 12 year old Pirellis I had previously.

    What's left? brakes, a bit of carb stuff, fuel system, and we good2go.
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    Today was the last of the demolition I hope.

    I pulled the subframe out, basically 4 bolts, a few wires, the plastic boot and battery bucket and she's free.

    The sub was pretty rusty, mostly a light layer of surface rust, so a hit with the wirewheel was all it needed.

    Rust-olenum is cool.

    better than new

    did the same to the stock radiator, but the alloy is really thin, so the stainless wireless seemed to take off a layer of alloy not just paint,
    I filled it up with water and didn't see any leaks, but of course it's not under pressure.

    and... have the chain a bit of a pull. It seems to move pretty well, no links feel locked, but it's dirty and rusty as.

    a wire wheel does this:

    not a lot, new chain time.
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    Big day today, feel like we are getting really close.

    Got the front wheel back on and spinning well. Wasn't too bad putting it on.

    Next was the pillion pegs on, I soaked them in vinegar for a few days, and all of the rust didn't come off, so then I tried Oxalic acid and maybe left them in a touch too long, so after a few days of drying they went a bit green.
    Nothing a bit of Rust-oleum won't fix.

    Then I got the rear brake on, and the set in business.
    Bled the rear brake and it feels solid.

    Man putting the rear wheel on was pretty painful, the spacers kept falling out, and then the brake assembly would move out, and then this and then that, felt like I need 5 hands to line it all up. Not sure how it wen't in but it did.

    Took the old chain off, will wait til I have a tool to put the new one one.

    I gave it a test fit, and having the rear wheel around the middle, it almost looks like I can get rid of one link. I thought this chain was supplied at the right length, but do I take a link out? Or fit it as is and push the wheel back to tension it?

    Got some fresh 91 and gave it a quick start.
    After kicking over with the original plugs, it died pretty quickly and wouldn't go again, swapped the plugs for freshies, and she kicked over.
    Fair bit of smoke, wouldn't really idle, had to hold it above 5000rpm, but sounded ok above 10k.

    ahhh it's got some issues.

    wont idle
    blue/white smoke
    the odd back fire

    is it carb tuning or is the engine toast?

    Pulled the carbs off again and will do a full rebuild with new jets now. I'm an expert at removing the carb assembly now.

    Closer, but feels further.
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    wow that was an awesome read. takes me back to turning spanners on my toys.
    you can order a 54T rear sprocket that bolts on with the original chain. doesn't change speedo much but felt it gave a bit more poke. also look into preload adjusters for the forks.
    I risked a pair and they were actually really good for dialing in the preload instead of spacers.
    Man I am super jealous. building one up is just as fun as riding, but riding what you built up even better. and reverse the shifter "gp shift" makes ladies wet (and is also much easier to ride such a small bike if you are tallish - seriously try it for a week and you cant go back).
    thanks for taking us (me) on your journey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schultzy View Post
    I stuck a battery up my arse.
    Yeah, that's a cool story...

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    hi this is really nice thank you very much for your pictures if u can record your carb tuning and balancing procedure and post it here it will be highly appreciated. i'm coping with my carbs these days
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