MC22 Viper 5902 Remote start
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Thread: MC22 Viper 5902 Remote start

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    MC22 Viper 5902 Remote start

    I've got an old, brand new 5902 viper remote start alarm system laying around so i wanted to slap it in my cbr250rr. so im thinking its going to be really easy but im not sure which wires i need to find and connect to the alarm for the system to function. i think all i need is - ignition, starter, positive, negative and maybe handbrake ground... but im not sure?

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    No way in hell I'd be using that on my MC22. #1 it's parked with the gas OFF. #2 it's parked in gear. #3 it's parked with the choke off.

    Maybe mine needs a bit of love but even if I left the gas on with the bike in neutral and the choke on, there is now way to blip the throttle with a remote.

    Other than that, sounds like a fun project. Believe someone posted up a colored wiring diagram here, that would make finding your connection points easy.

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