[QUOTE=Tiny, what units are those temperatures in? They would be very high for Celcius but seem quite low for Fahrenheit. Then again you are running methanol. Any idea what sort of lambdas you are seeing?[/QUOTE]
Fahrenheit , with degrees of accuracy delivered via China ,
I gave up with the A/F monitoring using an Innovate Motorsports Digital MTX-L Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge, with a Bosch lsu 4.2 02 sensor, set to read stoich, with 6.4 being the target.
I was getting reliable readings of 6 to 7 @ high idle, but usually got an error code after opening the can of whoopass.
Quote from Innovate-----
" because methanol has a very high latent heat value compared to gasoline.
On a cold engine only part of the inducted or injected methanol even vaporizes and takes part in the combustion.
The rest runs out of the exh. ports still in liquid droplet form. Innovate seem to forget that a byproduct of methanol burning is water !
This can be seen on the exhaust ports that show traces of liquid methanol running out.
This liquid methanol can kill the sensor by heat shock (high latent heat, as said), just as water can.

"In addition the EGTs of methanol are typically much lower than on a gasoline engine, while the exhaust gas volume is higher.
This causes the sensor heater to not be able to keep the sensor at operating temperature and it will error out.
Even higher supply voltage will not help because the sensor heater has a limit to how much wattage can be supplied to it. After all,
these sensors are designed for production cars with much lower power than a methanol fueled dragster.
Using a double height bung so the sensor is out of the direct exhaust stream will help the sensor heater to keep the sensor
in its operating temperature range."
Innovate make shit, and lie about their capabilities !

It turns out, when running a filthy rich A/F mixture, some of the methanol gets thru the engine without burning, carrying with it Oxygen, this tricks the gauge into thinking the mixture is lean, when , in fact, the opposite is true.
The idea of using an 02 sensor & gauge was to help the tuning process, it didn't ,,,,although when the mixture is sorted, the gauge will read accurately, I prefer to read the pugs, 02 gauges are best left to monitor petrol a/f ratios, unless I spent $US1000 on a sensor with alcohol capabilities..