Daniel Barnacoat Memorial Ride Wednesday 04NOV2015
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Thread: Daniel Barnacoat Memorial Ride Wednesday 04NOV2015

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    Daniel Barnacoat Memorial Ride Wednesday 04NOV2015

    Daniel Barnacoat Memorial Ride Wednesday 04NOV2015

    2015 Marking the FIFTH year anniversary of our little memorial ride for Daniel Barnacoat aka DB

    Click the link below and turn the music up. Wonderful viedo put together by Ilia aka ninex from the original CBR250.com forum

    Have sent txt's out to those in my phone and posted here but also added to the BOOK of FAYSE for all the nonriding crew.

    Once again time has flown by. True to my organising nature once again, I have left the arranging with somewhat little notice. Its weeks now not a month notice... Mind you.... The date of barneys passing will remain a constant.

    I now ask you to take some time in each of your busy lives to reflect on those that we have lost and as a gentle reminder to be thankful for what we have.

    Have scheduled Wednesday 04NOV2015 as the night of his memorial ride this year and you and your friends are invited to attend his tribute ride. Please NO DICKHEADS or mates of mates who are icy hawt stuntas.

    Your attendance will be greatly appreciate by DB's family, friends and myself.

    Newbies who did not have the personal privilege of knowing Barns just need to ask the local (ol Skool :P) Sydney CBR250 riders on this cool little forum just how much he meant to them. He truely was a mischievous fun loving creative mate. A top bloke. How he was received in the circle of friends can be drawn from the turn out in previous memorial rides, his funeral service was a true testament and reflection of how he was as a person with so many attending.

    This ride will be of course to honour his memory and to create further motorcycle awareness on our roads.

    Direct message me if you need my mobile number

    Meeting Point is 9 Bowden Street, Alexandria. Figured to meet here once again to avoid pissing off the neighbours and ensuring we are doing the right thing by the local community and not impacting the residents there trying to sleep.
    Worked out well last year.

    Arriving 630PM

    Departing 7:30PM. PLEASE DONT BE LATE

    Heading out for a modified ESR (Eastern Suburbs Run) before stopping off to chow on beef noodle soup and having a yarn.

    This is to be a cruisy ride through the streets, make some noise, get together and create that all important motorcycle awareness, all in memory of DB, a close mate of mine and quite a few peeps on and off the cbr250 forum.
    He is still and forever will be sadly missed.

    Let me know if keen and I'll mark you down as part of the inners list.

    I am sure for those that dont ride there will be pillion seats available. Just let us know



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